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The FoodHub Corporation provides turnkey solutions for sustainable and profitable Food Production, which consists of four components: Greenhouse technology, Plant propagation by Tissue Culture, Extended Project Preparation and Operational Support.

The FoodHub Corporation enables business expansion and development of sustainable food projects. We are founded to consolidate the long-term cooperation between the best experts in Agricultural Business Development, Logistics and Sustainable energy.
Our experts have more than 30 year experience in horticultural business development in Northern Europe, Spain, Italy, the Balkans, England, Germany, the Middle East, Africa and China.


Universities and Educational Intitutes

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The Food Hub Corporation focus on horticultural production because it has a potential to alleviate poverty, meet human nutritional needs and stimulate economic growth.

Healthy people are more capable of participating in economic and social activities, and thereby improve their wellbeing and standard of living. Integrating a variety of healthy foods into diets can minimize the potential loss of human cognitive and physical abilities as a result of micronutrient deficiencies.

Horticultural crops, which include fruit, vegetables, nuts, herbs, medicinal plants and ornamentals, represent a wide range of species that can be grown in diverse agro-ecological zones throughout the year.

Introducing a diversity of horticultural crops increases the resilience of agricultural system, promotes ecological sustainability and contributes to the local economic growth.

The Food Hub concept is developed as an integrated way of producing, processing and transporting horticultural produce to markets all over the world.

The GrowLab concept enables the production of high quality, disease free plants for crop production or forestation.


Greenhouse Technology & Tissue Culture

Plot Assessment and Feasibility Studies

Project Engineering and Design

Operational Support


The GrowLab is a laboratory for plant propagation that uses advanced Tissue Culture plant reproduction technology in a closed, climate-controlled and sterile environment. The technology includes a specifically designed growing room to produce large volumes of high yield disease-free plantlets, adapted to local conditions.
Our approach to plantlet production is based on the use of modular movable GrowLabs (mini-greenhouses) combined with semi-closed biodegradable packaging. The mini-greenhouse provides the perfect growing in which crops are grown in multi-layers under LED lights. This system uses a minimum of water and fertilisers and no pest control is needed.

We employ Tissue Culture plant propagation techniques which use just a few cells from the best mother plants to replicate identical new plants. This is the most successful micro-propagation method. Also, to be 100% clear, plants propagated with Tissue Culture technique are NOT Genetically Modified Organisms (GMSs).
A GrowLab can produce nearly 5 million plantlets per year, based on very conservative assumptions—thereby offering 30-50% lower costs compared to other methods of plant propagation—and much smarter energy consumption.

We utilise the proprietary Independent Greenhouse Growth System (IGGS), which draws on Nutrient Film Technique (NFT), whereby crops receive all of their vital nutrients through oxygenated and nutrient-rich water. This hydroponic technology fertilises plants in a very precise way, which carries water, oxygen and nutrients through each plants’ unique biodegradable capillary substrate. Use of this technology has a minimal water, chemical and energy footprint.


The Food Hub Project is a volume and quality triggered, highly automated and 100% sustainable producer of vegetables with produce focused on the top segment of Fresh and Convenience Food for existing and upcoming markets. The focus of its marketing is on the positive health effects of vegetables as health. The FoodHub can produce most of its crops all year round due to a Controlled Atmosphere Greenhouse System, adapted to specific local circumstances, which is unique in the world.

Our FoodHubs are high-tech industrial greenhouses which deliver year-round safe and nutritious food. They are food propagation powerhouses which guarantee optimal high-yield production in all climate zones.

The FoodHub systems control and optimize all of the factors which influence plant growth—temperature, humidity, CO2, sunlight, water, etc., and protect crops from adverse elements such as wind, cold, drought, rain, diseases and pests. Other activities such as food processing, logistics and management also take place within the FoodHub.


Dutch based provider of high-tech, sustainable horticulture

The Food Hub Corporation is a Dutch based provider of high-tech integrated food production systems. The core management team consists of seasoned experts in the fields of horticultural planning, economics, management and logistics.

The Food Hub Corporation was founded to consolidate the long-term cooperation between the best experts in Horticultural Business in the Netherlands. Experts behind the corporation are working together for decades and realized big, state-of-the-art projects based on sustainable greenhouse techniques. We work together with famous and renowned universities, scientific institutes and specialized companies in Europe

The Food Hub Corporation combines technical knowledge with business development, project development and management of project operations.. We are experts in exploring the possibilities of feasible and sustainable projects by doing extended pre-feasibility studies and plot assessments.

When a project has good prospects, we develop business and marketing plans, design the greenhouse, determine equipment and guide the EPC process. When the project is build, we help you to optimize the quality and quantity of production by making the support of top-experts available and by planning and executing an extended training program.

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