Our latest project

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The FoodHub corporation is involved in the development of GrowLabs in Kazakhstan. This country is particularly interesting for the propagation of disease-free material because of its large agricultural potential and lack of healthy plants. The GrowLab that the FoodHub Corporation developed specifically for Kazakhstan is being built near Almaty and will initially be used to propagate rootstocks for apple trees and seed potatoes. The laboratory will be led by specialists from the University of Almaty and will be operational from January 2020. Next to the GrowLab a greenhouse is being built for hardening crops to make them suitable for the [...]

Multi-layer production

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There is less and less room for horticulture due to growing cities and the need for a natural environment. The intensive cultivation of fruit, vegetables, ornamental crops, herbs and other high-quality crops is a solution for growing with a minimum of space. Solution whereby plants are grown in a protected environment such as a greenhouse in which the climate can be adapted to the needs of the plant are known already for a long time. These greenhouses are often located at a great distance from consumers, which means more transport is needed and more chance of quality loss. A high-tech [...]

Our Smart Food Business Solution

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In order to grow vegetables in a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly manner, the production of high-quality products should use the least possible natural resources like water, fertilizers and energy. The business solutions of the FoodHub Corporation make it possible to achieve yields that are 5 to 10 times higher than in the open ground with less than 50% water use and with the possibility of applying biological control. We not only offer a solution for growing the best quality fruit and vegetables, but also for processing, packaging and transporting them. All this in the most environmentally friendly way that is possible. [...]

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