There is less and less room for horticulture due to growing cities and the need for a natural environment. The intensive cultivation of fruit, vegetables, ornamental crops, herbs and other high-quality crops is a solution for growing with a minimum of space.

Solution whereby plants are grown in a protected environment such as a greenhouse in which the climate can be adapted to the needs of the plant are known already for a long time. These greenhouses are often located at a great distance from consumers, which means more transport is needed and more chance of quality loss.

A high-tech solution is to relocate production to the urban environment. Not all abiotic factors are optimal there, but by growing plants in a specially designed environment, cultivation of high quality crops is possible.

The FoodHub Corporation is involved in the preparation and implementation of systems in which plants can grow in several layers one above the other and completely separated from the outside environment. Pesticides are not or hardly necessary and water and nutrients are optimally reused. In addition, the transport distances are small and the quality of the products is excellent due to the exact coordination of factors such as light and climate